Stay Weird / Everyone is born an artist / It's a beautiful glass / Seek Randomness Consciously / find joy doing it just for the sake of it / relax. let it go. live you life in perfect flow / Everything is a remix / life is short, do what you love / procrastination takes you nowhere / ontological design / Faça coisas interessantes que coisas interessantes acontecerão com você / Pensar nessas coisas me faz não pensar em várias outras coisas que talvez me transformassem num cara mais estressado / vai lá e faz / the sun is the same in a relative way but you are older / it's better to have the wrong answer to the right question than the right answer to the wrong question / simplicity is sexy / I’m a neuron seeking others neurons to create synapses / systemically desirable & culturally feasible / why have men given such importance to pleasure? / money is just a very smart tool to facilitate trades / positive vibes & mind always / every bad feeling or bad thought is just a miss judgement of reality / you cannot control what happens to you but you can control your response to it / recognise that your 'truth’ is only your 'truth’ / everything we hear is opinion, not facts. everything we see is perspectives, not truths / mudar de ideia é um grande sinal de nobreza / fear is the number one enemy of creativity / just do it, don't wait for tomorrow / your future self is watching you right now through your memories / a fonte do prazer é a fonte do conhecimento / find people who can talk about the Universe, souls and consciousness / this is the sign you've been looking for / empreender é expressar / balance isn't static / avoid extremes / power to the crowd / the group is always smarter than the smartest person in the group / budismo & estoicismo / seneca & marcus aurelius & allan watts / sempre tem alguma coisa que faz valer a pena, é só uma questão de perspectiva / the first follower is the spark /